Types of online casino bonuses

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Bonuses represent main attraction of online casino gambling. Giving high bonuses makes people want to play and get that additional money in their pockets. But you can’t enter the casino get bonus and cash out because every bonus has conditions you have to pass in order to get that money. But lets forget about that and talk about different kinds of bonuses offered by online casinos.
Welcome bonuses are standard for every casino. Only difference in welcome bonuses between different online casinos is the number and type of those bonuses. Most common welcome bonuses are one shot bonuses that are given for first deposit. Some casinos will give different amount of bonus in regard to the amount of that deposit, while others have one fixated amount in bonus (very rare). Some casinos will give bonuses for depositing money to certain games on their platform. Some casinos will give you welcome bonuses for several deposits and they will offer you other types of bonuses while some give only basic bonuses including small welcome bonus.
Then you have referral bonuses which are given to two people. Referrer is player who refers another person into joining the casino with special link. And the referred player gains referral bonus for joining through an existing player. None of those two people will get bonuses unless referred person deposits money and plays several turns in a game. This really depicts the bonuses, nothing is free in a world of gambling.
You have those so called insurance and cashback bonuses which are given in regard to percentage of all your previous losses. In many cases you can obtain that bonus through third party websites that offer this kind of bonuses. But, remember they are an insurance and they must earn on all of that. If you want to gain those bonuses you will have to give them small percentages of all of your bets.

There are bonuses that don’t require any type of deposit. They are used for attracting new players to the casino. They come in two similar forms, shadow and sticky bonuses. Both of these bonuses add money ot your account and you can play with it, but you can’t cash in that money. Difference between shadow and sticky is seen once you decide to withdraw money you earned with that money. Once you withdraw your earned money what is left from shadow bonus money will disappear, while money from sticky bonus will be left on your account and you will be able to play with it after the withdrawal.
Whenever there is some off-chance of gaining money though bonuses with no risk at all, there will be people who will abuse those opportunities. They are doing an activity which I described and which is called bonus whoring and bonus hunting. Here is one example of such activity.

Player locates a bonus for a game in which he can play with small chance of winning and zero chance of losing. Once he hits the quota which unlocks money from that bonus he stops playing.

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Some Useful Information about Poker Machines

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Poker is a card game played on slot machines all over the world. The goal is to assemble the best poker hand of five cards of the cards you are dealt. Depending on the combination of five cards, you are awarded a sum of virtual money according to the table. If you do not assemble a combination, you lose the bet. Start with some money in this game of poker and place a bet on the hand. Get the best tactical hand while keeping the map to win the pot and played another round.

Undoubtedly poker machine was the most popular game in the online casino world. It exists in a variety of ways, starting with the classic 3 wheel to wheel multi-slot game, and even video slot game with a fascinating jackpot. It is common for players to take their first steps in the world of slot machines, tempting all games.

pokiesFortunately, online casinos offer free poker machines as the perfect solution for those players who would like to continue playing for free. Players choose their games, casino transfers the funds to the player’s account and players test, play and enjoy the game. They’re obviously very well prepared their players to play with real money, probably no one would deny the very good ultimate plan to play your favorite games with real money and take great gains from home. Once you are familiarizing yourself with your password and gain enough confidence in the safety of the online casinos, it may be time to risk the first step and make the first bet because they are great gains available only for players with real money.
Find free online flash poker games for fun or exercise. There are some new free poker games that are entertaining character. There is no investment of money and payment of jackpots and it is not necessary to register – play for free.
If you think you’ve mastered any of the free poker games or if you prefer to play them, why do not you play poker for fun in some of the major poker rooms such as 888poker, PokerStars or Party Poker. These rooms offer similar games, sometimes with better graphics, and the best thing is you do not always have to play for money – you can also play for free.

As the poker game is available for almost 250 years, the online version of this game is a recent blast off. Online poker and poker machines are simply exploded in the past few years and completely revitalized the poker as a game.

Nowadays, virtual casino games and poker rooms are part of our lives and would not be able to imagine a world of gambling without them. If you look back to the ’80s, to play poker, we had to gather a few friends who want to invest their money in the game, we needed a proper table for the game and at least one deck of cards.

Poker machines are one of the most popular forms of entertainment among fans of gambling. Especially because the chance of winning big and fun virtually unlimited.

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Online pokies

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There is no doubt that most popular online casino games are online pokie games. The thing that makes online pokies so special is probably the simplicity of the gameplay, and all that excitement that comes within just single finger move, just like in good old classic rolling pokie machines we used to play.

Beside all that previous polularity, the designers are doing their job well to make online pokies even more interesting, and there are also many sound effects athat raise gained positive impression when playing online pokies. Not to forget, there is also a bunch of casino bonuses, progressive ones or in game bonuses, that can be very high amounts of money. There are also many pokies that offer free spins, which is also very attractive to players, the chance of spinning the reels for free, and to get real winning prizes.

aristocrat-pokiesHowever, all pokie machines are made of several wheels or reels, that contains different symbols. The most famous online pokie games are those with fruits. Did you know that pineapples are better than lemons and cherries? Now you do. But, despite that, trending online pokie machines are starting to take over the throne of most popular pokie games with fruits. Those new pokie machines are online video pokie machines. The gameplay is made of 5 wheels that bring a lot of chance to win the prizes, and new age designers made the effect very pleasant so the player can enjoy in both video and audio atmosphere that pokie machine provides, and the most important thing is that they can enjoy in winning some great winning prizes. So we may clearly say that video pokies are leaving classic fruit pokies behind. Slowly but surely.

Playing online pokies is a very simple job, especially today when it is available to online in online casinos straight from your home. You just choose the bet stake and spin the reels/ wheels. After the reels are spinned, you just wait to see the right combination of symbols in right line order, and there you have great casino winning prize, or maybe some free spins or game bonus. With the autoplay mode, playing is even more simple, autocollect will collect your winnings, and the reels will spin all day long if you have the credit balance. Depending on the pokie game type, you can set up various parameters for autocollect mode, so it will be just like you play, but you will be free to finish some other obligation meanwhile.
Some pokie machines offer often small amount prizes, which is good choice for those that want to play for a while and kill the time. But the real deal is to temp luck on high jackpot online pokie games, so if you get lucky, you will be sure that the luck is great, great in thousands, or even in milions. We will not list all those winners of jackpots in online pokie games worldwide, we don’t have that time, but we may say that many people tried, tempted their luck, and succeded in their goal of getting high prizes in online pokie games.

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Online bingo

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Bingo game is always popular among older generations of people, and it is often organized under the auspices of the church, and all gained money was always given to charity. Usually, the winning prize in this game is low and modest amount, and if you combine it with the charity outcome, most of younger players just didn’t fell the charm of the game to join it.

Meanwhile, the online casinos appeared with all their bright and shine, and their different and various bingo game offers gained much popularity within all generations of players. There are many casino web sites that offer playing many different types of bingo games, and the good thing is that you can play for free until you decide to get over to real money playing, so you won’t spend a cent on getting the needed practice. And of course, don’t forget about great jackpots, it can raise to very high amounts, which will be available for you when you start playing for real money.
online_bingoBut first, we recommend to start with free bingo games. Check out all bingo games, because now there is many various types of this classic casino game. These free online bingo games comes in exciting variations that require some specific strategies to get to the maximum prizes. For example, in some games it is advised to reinvest gained money in new bingo balls, in order to tempt the larger winning prize. Such approach demands some sort of skill and strategy that you should use when making decisions during the real money gameplay. Some other online bingo games comes with different interesting options that we need to know better to manage the game well and establish the prizes.

Classical online bingo game, the same as the traditional one, is nothing but the game of luck and chance, and it doesn’t require any additional skill. All that is required by player is to note all the drawn numbers and seek for winning combinations. Best winning prize in bingo games is so called „ full house“ which means that you have noted all numbers in your combination, and that will provide you the jackpot prize. Most online casinos provides the visual sight to drawn numbers, so if you make a mistake in noting, you will be able to revise it in order to be sure that you are clear in the gameplay.

online-bingo-270x230The „90 ball“ bingo game is the most popular bingo game in UK and Australia and nothing less in some other parts of the world. This version of bingo game contains 15 numbers in one combinations, arranged in 9 columns and 3 rows. Ball numbers go from 1 to 90, and the drawing is carried out until someone get the full combination noted – jackpot. Sometimes, jackpot is found already on 35 or less draw ball, and less the balls drawn, usually the jackpot is higher with amount. There are usually some additional winning prizes, something like consolation prizes, and those can be received, for instance, if you note one single row, or two rows etc. Some online bingo games even reward the players that gain 13 or 14 of 15 noted numbers in one combination, so the game is more interesting when there is more chance to win some prize.

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Online Baccarat

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If you ever watched James Bond movies, you will probably know this is Agent’s 007 favourite game. This game is surrounded by the exclusivity because this is the game mostly played by rich people and aristocracy world wide, which is proven by the usual minimum bet in casinos for this game, which goes up to 100$ or more. Luckily, in online casinos that minimal bet starts from very affordable 0.1$, so everyone can afford to play and feel that aristocratic game.
– Rules
LiveDealerBacRVBaccarat is card game that is played with standard deck of 52 cards ( usually 6-8 decks), and themain objective of the game is to predict which hand will win, players or bankers. The hand closest to number 9 is winning – how simple! Values of cards in this game are different than in other card games, and it goes like this:
Cards 2 to 9 – values as the number on it ( 2 is 2, 3 is 3…)
10, J, Q and K – the value is 0
Ace – the value is 1

Something that is very interesting in this game is defining of the hand value. In baccarat it is not possible to cross over the value of 9, so if the player get the sum bigger than number 9, the first digit deletes, and the second is new value of the hand. For instance, if the sum gets to 15, 1 is being deleted, and the hand value now is 5.

The game of Baccarat is between player and the banker. The game starts when the player and the banker get two cards, and after determing the value of both players and bankers hand, the game can be lead in different ways, depending on the values and rules of the game.
1. If the player or the banker gets sum 8 or 9, then no one takes any more cards.
2. If the player gets sum 5 or less, then he can take additional card, or he stops.
3. If the player stops, then the banker takes next card if his result is 5 or less. If the player takes the card, there is table chart that decides if banker takes next card or not.
These rules might seem complicated, but for Baccarat player doesn’t need to know it at all, because the gameplay is led by banker, which follows all this rules. The player cannot make any decisions except to choose if he is going to bet on player, banker or draw. Bets placed on banker have more chance to win, live-dealer-baccarat-300x194because banker wins in 45.84% cases, the player wins in 44.61% cases, and draw is in 9.55% cases. That is why casinos made the commision fee for banker bets, and is is often 5%, so the payout on banker bet is 0.95:1. When betting on player, the payout is 1:1 if the player wins. If the game result is draw, bets both on player and on banker are being returned, and the bets placed on draw payout at 8:1. That is very low payout because the chance of draw is 9.55%, so bets placed on draw have house edge up to 14.36%, so it is not advised to bet on draw in baccarat game. House edge on banker bet is 1.06% and bet on player is 1.24%.

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About types of online casinos

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Online casinos are virtual counterparts of real casinos. Many games that are played in real casinos have found their way into virtual world. Nut there are different types of casinos that can be found online. This distinction is made between web and download based casinos, and then between normal online casino games and those that have live dealers.
First division in online casino world is in whether they are web or download based. Web based casinos are also known as flash casinos ( due to the fact that they use flash to work ) and they don’t require any download in order to play. As I mentioned they use either flash or java software, or those programs are required as a support for running their games. Bandwidth is one of the requirements as well due to everything from graphics to sound is loaded via plugin. Due to the lack of flash support in Apple products many web based casinos are not available to Apple users.

Download based online casinos require download of a browser which is used to connect the player with the casino. In this case graphics and everything else is not loaded like in web based casinos, but caught by the software which makes this type of casinos faster than their web based counterparts.

Download of any software, including online casino carries a risk of having some kind of malware or spyware, which is why some people prefer web based online casinos.

Second division of online casinos is in whether they have live dealers or not. Virtual casino games are games which are run by a program, and whose outcome is decided through software which utilizes PRNG aka pseudorandom number generator. That software makes games seem random, including order of cards in different card games, dice throws and any other occasions where chance decides the winner. This software does not generate true randomness, because it is impossible for a software to do that, but the randomness created through such software is close to real randomness.
Casino (2)
Every player that takes on the game in which there is no live dealer must place their trust in fairness of the casino, because online casino can affect randomness of the software and increase the edge of the house.
Live dealer casinos exchange software with real dealers who host games via live video link. Text chat is used for chatting with the dealer and all decisions can be made via computer screen. Many players place live dealer games over virtual casino games due to fear of rigged virtual machines. And they are right, but live dealer games are more expensive for both players and providers.
More staff is required to run this kind of game, cameramen, dealers and other people, which means that more money is required to run them. This means that the stakes are higher and house takes higher percentage of all bets. But for me, that is a fair trade between fees and gameplay. It is better to play casino games while you chat with dealer and other people than to play alone against software.

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